Planning and the right approach to the process of real estate renovation

Renovating an apartment is a complex and time-consuming process, in which many factors and stages must be taken into account

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Real estate in Istanbul

This article will provide information about the benefits of investing in real estate in Istanbul.

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Turkish real estate market

The most important issue for those planning to buy property abroad is choosing the right real estate agency.

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Kristal Absheron

We are building your dreams

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Melissa Group

Realize the idea of ​​an ideal life

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Resant Real Estate

We combine comfort and beauty.

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Olympus Park

Olympus Park - See the world from above

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Mortgage conditions

Mortgage conditions, requirements, persons entitled to a preferential mortgage and the necessary documents for obtaining a mortgage

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What is a mortgage and how to get it?

What is a mortgage, how many types are there, how to take into account all the risks, who owns the mortgaged property and how to pay interest?

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