9 advantages of owning a home in White City

Currently, comprehensive measures are being taken to change the image of the Black City in the center of the Baku Bay, restore 620 hectares of land in the eastern part of the historical center of the...

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Lighthouse Residence

The premium Sea Breeze complex is located in Nardaran, the most beautiful suburban area of ​​our capital, famous for its magnificent sea views.

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Residential complex 'Teras Park'

The construction of the Teras Park residential complex is being carried out in an ecologically clean area. The complex is located just 500 meters from the Mountain Park and about 1 km from Lake Bulbul...

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Zirve Residence - Premium Residential Complex

'Zirve Residence' is one of the most profitable projects on the real estate market. Developed infrastructure, advantageous location, is an attractive offer for investors for rent.

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World real estate markets

What's going on there? Where is property growing and where is it falling? Where does it make sense to invest, and which countries have lost their former leadership positions? Trying to figure it out.

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Complete solutions for the real estate sector

The construction boom in Baku is not slowing down. More and more companies appear on the market, offering various options. Akim Takhirov, the founder and CEO of Remart Group, shared with us his though...

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Park Bayıl - premium class residential complex

A new premium class residential complex “Park Bayıl” is being built using new technologies in one of the best places in Baku on Bayil.

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Real estate in Istanbul - is it worth investing?

Istanbul is one of the greatest capitals in the world. Its long history attracts millions of tourists every year. Istanbul is considered one of the largest financial centers in the world, where many f...

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Dubai is the Place, Now is the Time.

Dubai Ranks as the world’s busiest for international traffic, with international passengers doubled by end of 2016 to over 83.6 million. In 2010, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world puts...

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The name Remart was formed from the combination of the first letters of the expression Real Estate Market. The company's goal is to introduce the approach and technologies available in developed count...

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