9 advantages of owning a home in White City

Currently, comprehensive measures are being taken to change the image of the Black City in the center of the Baku Bay, restore 620 hectares of land in the eastern part of the historical center of the capital as a new city and turn it into one of the most attractive places for investment.

During the development of the project concept, architectural diversity, environmental friendliness and thoughtful integration of the area into the existing urban ensemble were identified as important areas.

As a result, along with very interesting architectural examples and investment prospects, a project was launched to stimulate the revitalization and construction of land, and to create an attractive environment and infrastructure that stimulates the desire to live and work here.

Outdated industrial facilities were removed from the city, contaminated lands were cleaned up and the coastal boulevard was improved.

The greatness of the idea and the professionalism of the work done ensure the integration of Baku into the latest trends in modern urban planning and bring the Baku White City project to the level of advanced and modern urban planning projects in the world.

With the implementation of this project, the industrial image of the Black City will remain in the past and will be replaced by a space of harmony and comfort, which is called the White City of Baku.

The Baku White City project, aimed at local and foreign investment, offers a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of various sizes. Investors can choose a suitable residential or commercial property for investment and construction purposes, from small villas to large complexes.



Your home is your life

New buildings in the White City

Become the owner of a home on a mortgage in the White City



1. Professional approach to project implementation

ATKINS (UK), an internationally renowned engineering and architecture company, has been appointed as Chief Consultant for the White City project.

The General Plan of the White City was drawn up, within the framework of the project, a technical inventory of the territory without chaotic construction and infrastructure was carried out, comprehensive measures were taken to eliminate the problems of sudden changes in height, ditches, irregularities, architectural indicators of buildings under construction, urban planning, transport and other infrastructure.

The new road network designed in the area provides easy access to Babek and Nobel avenues, pedestrian crossings. The territory was divided into construction sites and landscape zones, the purpose of the plots, building density, and high-altitude policy were determined.


2. Developed social infrastructure

The White City is a large-scale project, not only in terms of the planned residential areas, but also in terms of infrastructure. This area will have a large shopping center, social and commercial facilities on the ground floors of residential buildings.

The residents of the White City will not have problems with parking their cars. In addition to the main underground parking, parking is also provided for guests. The fact that the main car park is underground has provided space for walking areas and large playgrounds.


3. Comfort for life, beautiful and modern home by the sea

The White City is located in the center of the Baku Bay. This will allow future residents to realize all life scenarios, regardless of family composition, age, work and habits. Families with children will have kindergartens and schools nearby, young people will be able to work and relax without traffic jams, adults will live in peace and have green spaces. Finally, the location of pedestrian zones and major infrastructure facilities in the immediate vicinity of houses will be to everyone's taste: kindergartens, shops and supermarkets, restaurants, sports clubs, etc. White City will have a large number of social facilities. Considering the convenience of transportation, you can easily reach other attractions. A mix of different types of housing that vary in size, target market, and cost will help create mixed groups of social housing.


4. Promising location

The White City is located in one of the “growth points” of the capital. As you know, the corresponding part of the Khatai region has been actively developing in recent years.

Life here already has a strong potential. Effective use of existing land plots to create new jobs, recreation and entertainment areas, as well as the placement of utilities in residential areas and in close proximity to each other will significantly reduce the need to move long distances.


5. Affordable property

Real estate in the White City has a very interesting and important feature. Given that many office workers will be working in the area in the future, landlords can make good rental returns.

The sooner an agreement is concluded with a construction company, the more affordable the price of an apartment. The price of an apartment at the start of construction is usually 30% cheaper than the price at the stage of commissioning. As soon as a building is put into operation, apartment prices usually rise immediately.


6. Compliance with environmental standards

When implementing the Baku White City project, environmental standards are observed through the efficient use of infrastructure, energy and other resources.

The contaminated land is being rehabilitated, and work is underway to eliminate the existing factors of environmental pollution. Existing plantations and parks are being restored, new ones are being created.

The negative consequences of road pollution will be minimized by greening streets and avenues.


7. Transport infrastructure

One of the criteria that makes the White City a potential choice is the optimal construction of transport infrastructure.

Alternatives are being used to reduce dependence on private transport, including the construction of public transport, metro stations, and water transport.

Urban and public infrastructure will be created to create favorable conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.


8. Investment and development opportunities

The Baku White City project, aimed at local and foreign investors, offers a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of various sizes, from two-storey villas to medium and high-rise residential complexes and business centers.

Within the framework of the project, investors can choose objects that correspond to their areas of activity:


Living area

from 250 sq.m. to 40,000 sq.m.


from 2000 sq.m to 80,000 sq.m


from 250 sq.m to 108,000 sq.m.



Private kindergartens

Private schools

Private higher education institutions





Theme park

Water park



Private hospitals

Private clinics

Private clinics

Private rehabilitation centers

Private sports facilities

Private veterinary clinics




Car services

Himchitski and other services


9. Facts and figures

- Baku will occupy an area of ​​650 hectares, more than Monaco and more than the Old City in terms of the size of the White City, and will make this area the largest project in the Caucasus region.

- By the end of the project, Baku will be larger than the population of the Principality of Andorra in terms of population (130,000 inhabitants).

- Baku White City connects 10 neighboring quarters. The successful construction of each block plays a decisive role in the implementation of the entire Master Plan.

- The total building area is 9.5 million square meters.

- 55,000 residential and commercial facilities

- upon completion of the project, Baku White City will provide jobs for 100,000 residents.

- 85,000 parking spaces. One of the largest parking lots per capita will be in Baku White City.

- Baku White City will expand the existing boulevard line by another 5 km, making it the longest boulevard in the world.

- The decoration of the Embankment will be the 65-meter Ferris Wheel, twice the size of the Wheel existing on the Boulevard and larger than the famous Ferris Wheel in Paris ('Grande Roue de Paris').

- Baku White City Fountain Square will be larger than the existing Fountain Square (4 ha).

- Each quarter will have its own pearl. All the pearls of the Baku White City

- buildings, transitional compositions and bridges will stand out in height and originality among buildings, become unique elements that give color to the urban environment.

- Baku City Mall, the largest shopping center in the region, will be located on the territory of Baku White City.

- A modern entertainment and shopping center, connected to the Baku shopping center on the boulevard through a pedestrian crossing on Nobel Avenue, will decorate the Fountain Square of the White City of Baku.

- The new metro station, which will be located on the Fountain Square of the Baku White City, will be a continuation of the existing Azadlig-Khatai line.

- Baku White City is located just 4 km from the Maiden Tower, the pearl of Baku.


For more information about the project, call: +994502891190.

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