Remart mobile app

Your new mobile assistant in real estate management!

Remart is a professional mobile application for real estate market participants. With the app, users can quickly and easily conduct real estate transactions, making it easier to access real estate ads.

You can download the mobile app from the following links:


Remart - for Android

Remart - for iOS


The main features that distinguish the application:

- Systematic and orderly construction of the real estate market

- Fast transactions

- Saving time

Remart user:

- will have a personal profile;

- create your own orders and offers;

- create advertisements and share the created advertisements with other people;

- be able to view the ads of other users, contact them by phone or via whatsapp;

- find only those ads that he wants using the filter.

The mobile application is regularly updated. Now, after downloading the application, the user can see ads without registration. However, if the user wants to create his own profile or advertising in the application, he must register. In the near future, it is planned to add new functions to the application.



The user must register to take full advantage of the Remart mobile app. A new user can use the 'Announcements' board in full and the 'Agents' board partially without registration. To register in the application, the user must click on the 'Register' button in the 'Login' window, enter the mobile phone number, name and password. The user can use all the functions of the application after entering the mobile phone number and password in the 'Login' section.

* Announcements *

This board is open to all users who download the mobile app.

Here, the advertisements of the app users are arranged in chronological order. Information about the type of advertisement (purchase, monthly rent, daily rent), type of property, location, budget, number of rooms, area, repair request, name of the person who created the advertisement, date of the advertisement.

The user can find what suits him by entering the appropriate parameters into the list of ads in the newly opened window by clicking the 'Filter' button below. Upon finding a specific ad, the user can call or write to the ad owner via WhatsApp, in addition to the above information, as per the note regarding additional requests. In addition, by selecting from the menu in the upper right corner, it is possible to display relevant ads via any messaging application or social network (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

* My ad *

This board is open to registered users of the mobile application.

Here the user can create their own ads by clicking the '+' button in the lower right corner and choosing the settings that match their preferences in the newly opened window. Once an ad is created, it appears on the appropriate board. The user can then check the settings, including the newly created ad, share it using the buttons below, activate, delete and modify it so that it appears in the list of available ads. It should be noted that the user can share the advertisement with persons of their choice without activating it so that it does not appear in the list of public announcements. The same actions can be performed through the menu in the upper right corner. On this panel, the user can find those ads that correspond to their objects by clicking the 'Filter' button in the upper right corner by entering the appropriate parameters from the list of ads in the window that opens.


This board is open to registered users of the mobile application.

It contains the user's personal information, including name, surname, company in which he works, email, phone, WhatsApp numbers and additional data about himself. This information can be edited.


This board is partially open to users registered with the mobile app.

The names of other registered users are displayed here. After registration, the user can find the person he needs by searching and reviewing information about him.


Remart - for Android

Remart - for iOS



PS. Remart Group is a technology company that develops the website, which brings together residential complexes for real estate market participants, and Remart Pro software (, which automates the construction, sale and management of residential complexes.

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