Residential complex 'Teras Park'

The construction of the Teras Park residential complex is being carried out in an ecologically clean area. The complex is located just 500 meters from the Mountain Park and about 1 km from Lake Bulbula.

'Teras Park' - Residential complex

The residential complex Teras Park fully justifies its name and differs from the buildings under construction in a number of original features that distinguish it. One of the main features of the project is the original architecture of the building, which varies in height up to the 23rd floor. Starting from the 13th floor, buyers are offered apartments with large terraces.

General information

Teras Park is a residential complex consisting of 5 buildings of 23 floors with eight blocks covering an area of ​​one hectare. On each floor in the residential complex there are 4-5 apartments, 520 apartments in total, each block has 2 elevators (freight and passenger). The complex has 1-6 room apartments and duplexes with free planning. Construction work is carried out by the Park Group.

How is it built?

The building is constructed from monolithic concrete. The choice of building materials is governed by safety rules and architectural requirements in accordance with the master plan. During the construction of Teras Park, the highest quality building materials, Ukrainian-made fittings, M400 and other brands of concrete are used. The building has 10 points of seismic resistance. Commissioning of the complex is scheduled for the first half of 2020. The construction of the Teras Park residential complex is being carried out in an ecologically clean area - in the center of the Bakikhanov village of the Sabunchi district (next to the Internal Affairs Department), at 35 Sakita Gojayev Street.


The complex is located just 500 meters from the Mountain Park and about 1 km from Lake Bulbula. The complex is located in a developed area in terms of infrastructure and is surrounded by several educational, medical, entertainment and other necessary facilities. Shopping can be done in the supermarkets 'Spar', 'Gloria' and in the shopping center 'Aygun City'. Bank Respublika and Bank of Baku branches, a mosque, Aygun Mall, Cinema Plus, as well as 3 schools, 2 lyceums and 2 kindergartens operate nearby.

Transport network

Residential complex Teras Park is located 2 km from the Neftchilar metro station. Nearby there are public transport routes from which you can reach all parts of the city


For the convenience of residents, the complex has an underground parking lot for 209 parking spaces with an elevator, a recreation area, children's and sports grounds, a kindergarten, a supermarket, a laundry, a beauty salon. During the construction, work will be carried out to improve the territory and children's playgrounds. The complex is equipped with water, gas, an additional generator, modern fire safety, digital TV, Internet and telephone communications, as well as 24-hour security and video surveillance services.


Apartments in the complex are available with free planning, ranging from 49 sq.m. There are simple and duplex apartments with 1-6 rooms up to 702 sq.m. Each apartment will have a balcony or terrace. The building offers both refurbished and non-refurbished apartments using high quality materials. You can see the plans of the apartments by clicking on the following links:

Teras Park

1 room apartment    
2 room apartment    
3 room apartment      

4 room apartment
5 room apartment      
6 room apartment 



The cost of 1 square meter in the 'Teras Park' residential complex starts from 850 manats. However, this price applies to the lower floors. As floors rise, prices rise as well. Thus, prices vary within the range of 850-970 manats on floors 2-4, 980-1010 manats on floors 5-8, 1020-1100 manats on floors 9-23, respectively. These rates apply only to full cash payment. If an apartment is purchased on credit, 100 manats will be added to the above prices. Apartments in the Teras Park residential complex are provided on interest-free loans for up to 36 months (payment schedule - monthly). 40% of the total cost of the apartment must be paid as a down payment. All you need to do in order to get an apartment on credit is to present your ID. Contact the sales center for more information.

Teras Park:
Hotline: * 1144
Mob: +994 12 429-40-44
Mob: +994 50 555-11-44
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