Zirve Residence - Premium Residential Complex

'Zirve Residence' is one of the most profitable projects on the real estate market. Developed infrastructure, advantageous location, is an attractive offer for investors for rent.

General information

"Zirve Residence" located in Bayil district, at the end of Qurban Abbasov street, opposite Water-Sport complex with unrivaled view over Flag Square. Residential complex consists of of two, one block, buildings. According to the project there will be 120 apartments in total and 6 premium class apartments on each level.

Who builds

Construction conducted with confirmation of Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Baku City Executive Authorities and “Hermes-S” ​MMC.

How to build?

The building is being built from monolithic concrete. In the construction is used armature produced in Russia, brand A500C. In apartments will be set izo-system windows. The blocks will be of marble. From the garage to the 12th floor there will be high speed, wide elevator of European production. The seismic resistance of the building is 9 points. 


Complex located in one of the most elite places of Baku, opposite Flag Square Water-Sport complex. Nearby the complex is situated seaside boulevard, Caspian Waterfront shopping center, as well as numerous restaurants. From complex to seaside boulevard 5 minutes walking distance, through the underground tunnel.


Complex is located in a very convenient place, from the point of view of transport. You can reach to metro Isherisheher in 5 minutes by car, and in 10-15 minutes walking. There are buses functioning from nearest station to all parts of the city. 


2 level underground parking, for 120. Complex is equipped with a modern security system: security and video surveillance 24/7. For convenience of residence complex will have rest zone, sport and play ground, and kindergarten. Telecommunication and Internet speed lines will be held. The complex will have combi heating system and provided with gas.


1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments, from 70-170 m2 are sold. Each apartment will have balcony.  Apartments are without repair, free planned. Renovation of apartments is optional. Deed of purchase will be officially provided after the end of construction. 
Apartments layout can be viewed by links below ·       
1 bedroom - 70  m²
1 bedroom- 73  m²
2 bedroom - 104  m²
3 bedroom - 125  m²
3 bedroom - 144  m²
4 bedroom - 176  m²


Price for 1 м² in residential complex "Zirve Residence"  start from 2200 AZM. In case of 100% payment, discounts in price can be available. Apartments can be purchased by credit, with a initial payment, for up to 60 months. ​Purchasing apartment by credit with identity card should be submitted.

Investment attractiveness

"Zirve Residence" is one of the most profitable real estate projects. Developed infrastructure, profitable location, is an attractive offer for investors, for rental.

Sales office
Tel.: 012 511-13-26
Mob: 051 511-13-26
Sales office located on the right side of the building.
Works everyday from 6 to 9. 

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