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The construction boom in Baku is not slowing down. More and more companies appear on the market, offering various options. Akim Takhirov, the founder and CEO of Remart Group, shared with us his thoughts on what to look for when choosing a developer and what an ideal house should be.

The Remart Group is very young. Please tell us about how it was created and what milestones you have already managed to reach.

The company was founded in January 2018 and is now dynamically developing. The name Remart is formed from the first letters of the phrase Real Estate Market (translated from English - 'real estate market'). The company's goal is to introduce advanced technologies to the real estate market of Azerbaijan.

During the first few months from the moment of foundation, the only employees of the company were the founders, so we can say that we created everything with our own hands. Now, as we develop, our team is growing. The main focus today is IT and marketing solutions for the real estate sector. In June, we successfully launched the project, an online resource dedicated to residential complexes in Azerbaijan. On this portal, users can get complete and reliable information about prices, location, external and internal infrastructure of residential complexes under construction in Azerbaijan. We recently launched a blog that will regularly post news from the real estate sector. Now we are working on the section 'Property Abroad'; Have already built partnerships with foreign development companies and real estate agencies. The main directions are Georgia, Turkey, Dubai, Germany, Great Britain, Thailand, Cyprus, Montenegro. In the first half of 2019, we will hold the first exhibition dedicated to real estate: it will be called Remart Expo2019. At the same time, work is underway to create a unified information center, where users can get primary information and even order a selection of real estate.

Another successfully launched project is Remart PRO, software that allows construction and development companies to effectively manage the construction, sales and management processes in residential complexes. It is a modular solution that easily adapts to the company's internal workflows. We are currently working on construction and CRM modules.

The construction boom in the capital continues. What should buyers be guided by when choosing a company engaged in the construction of residential real estate?

Of course, one of the main criteria when choosing an apartment in a residential complex is the reputation of the developer company. The main indicator here is the quantity and quality of already completed projects. Unfortunately, it happens that companies do not fulfill their obligations to the end. It often happens like this: a certain company digs a pit, attracting partners who provide building materials through barter programs. But if there is no further funding, then the construction can be frozen for an indefinite period, and at this moment the question arises before the client: how soon will he be able to call in the finished house?
Another indicator is transparency. It is good if the developer openly provides information on prices, payment terms, construction progress. 

What do you think the ideal home should be? What should you look for in the first place when looking for housing?

An ideal home is a place where the whole family can live comfortably and happily. It is important to consider the interests and needs of all family members. When choosing a new home, you need to pay attention to the external infrastructure, that is, the presence of nearby supermarkets, educational and medical institutions, and, of course, transport accessibility. The internal infrastructure of the residential complex - the presence of a courtyard, a sports and playground, the ratio of parking spaces to the number of apartments, the efficient use of commercial space - is also an important factor. And, finally, the apartment itself. All rooms should be well lit; It is great if the rays of the morning sun enter the apartment.

Now many complexes offer open-plan apartments, where the location and area of ​​the rooms can be set at your discretion. Indeed, depending on the lifestyle and habits of the family, one and the same apartment can be planned differently. For example, if a spouse is a housewife, then she will probably need a large kitchen with all the conditions for comfortable housework. In the event that both spouses are working and the children are already relatively adults, you can limit yourself to a studio room and thereby get an additional bedroom.

What are Remart's strengths that set you apart from the competition?

We are often asked this question. However, the fact is that, in my opinion, we have no direct competitors. We offer comprehensive solutions for all participants in the real estate market. Some of the real estate services can be found on online bulletin boards, while others can be obtained by contacting real estate agencies and companies that provide IT services. But in the complex, unlike us, no one provides this. And our main advantage is our team. The competence, teamwork and experience of the founders in different areas of business (IT, sales, marketing) are the most significant assets of Remart Group.

How do you assess the current state of the residential construction market? What tendencies are typical for it?

The main reason for the construction boom was the fact that most of the houses built during the Soviet era have already exhausted their operational life. They are being demolished, and new residential complexes are being built in their place. Of course, this is the correct policy on the part of the state, as it enables consumers to improve their living conditions, and businessmen to invest in real estate. And, as you know, such investments are subject to minimal risk. Trends have recently been changing in a positive direction. Great attention is paid to internal infrastructure. The presence of courtyards, playgrounds, squares is encouraged. In addition, more and more houses with open-plan apartments appear, which in modern realities is one of the determining factors when choosing a home. It is gratifying that over the past 10-20 years, many companies have formed in the domestic market that have already proven themselves as successful projects and continue to develop.

What is the most popular type of payment for new housing today? And which one, in your opinion, is optimal?

Today the most popular is an internal loan from a developer. In this case, the buyer first pays 20-30% of the cost of the apartment, and the remaining amount is paid for the construction period - 2-3 years. However, this option requires more finance, so it does not look attractive to everyone. The optimal type of payment is a state long-term mortgage, while the ideal option is when the monthly installment is comparable to the payment for rented housing. On average, this is 30-50% of the salary. Unfortunately, this form is not yet applied in practice with housing under construction. But given the rapid development of the construction sector, new programs are bound to appear in the near future to make housing more affordable.
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