About Old Maid Syndrome (Based on Experience with Overseas / Resort Property Buyers)

You need to part with money easily, without groans - said Ostap Bender and was right in his own way.

Does this statement of the Grand Combinator apply to an overseas property buyer? No, you say. After all, this kind of purchase is a very serious step and in general you need to hurry when fishing you know who. And you will be right too.
The very decision to buy real estate can (and should) be nurtured as long as you like. I have worked with buyers who have been gathering courage for several years. True, I saw those who made decisions instantly.
Be that as it may, but the decision has been made. We must take. And this is where some buyers start what can be called the 'old maid syndrome.'
Yes, readers will forgive me, but certain analogies simply break into text. So let's talk about ... .. loss of virginity.
Usually this important event in the life of any girl takes place at a relatively young age. Whether passionate love is the reason or coincidence of circumstances (stars, desire to prove something to someone, instant passion or an extra glass of champagne) - it doesn't matter. It is important that this happens, as a rule, at a certain period of life. In the future, it becomes more difficult to part with virginity. Requirements for the 'first owner' are growing. The fear of being wrong grows. The feeling of significance of the action itself is also growing. The moment of ease has been missed.
This bold comparison comes to mind when you meet with a buyer who has already made a decision and came for an inspection with money, but cannot take the last step. He constantly thinks that tomorrow he will see something better / cheaper. The next day, after the next screening, doubts again begin to overcome him, and so on. Since we are talking about overseas real estate, buyers often try to combine vacation at the resort and purchase. So did one of my clients, who came to Thailand on vacation with his wife and two preschool children. At our meeting, he decisively stated that he intends to buy an apartment for three days, and to enjoy the rest of the week. Aha, if only….
Since buying an apartment is a family affair, he went with the whole family for an inspection at 30 degrees. 'Mom, ice cream!' 'Mom, I'm tired !!' 'Mom, I want to write !!!' Then again 'Ice cream!' The children hated me on the second day. In their opinion, it was my fault that they spend whole days on dusty construction sites and in other people's apartments. Four days later, unkind lights began to slip in the eyes of our customer's wife. Fortunately for me, lightning rushed at my husband. The scene was almost like in the famous cartoon about Prostokvashino: “I have four silk evening dresses. And there is nowhere to put them on. ' In our case, it would be more correct to say 'once'.
As a result, almost the entire vacation was spent on finding the ideal option. Do you think he bought himself the apartment he dreamed of? Not. The vacation was ruined, the apartment was not bought. The moment of lightness was missed.
What I mean by this. If the decision to buy is made (no matter how long it takes), then after that you have to go and buy. There will always be an apartment somewhere (area, price, etc.) better than what you bought. It's unavoidable. The more time you spend searching, the harder it will be to part with your virginity. That is, I wanted to say 'the more difficult it will be to make a decision.' The purchased apartment (though not ideal) will start to bring you joy today. And do not torment yourself with the fact that you could buy something cheaper or somewhat closer to the sea. Enjoy! Life in a resort is different from life in your city. At the resort, your apartment is where you mostly spend the night. At the resort, you will spend most of your day away from home. By the pool, on the beach, in a cafe. All this is already yours, no matter what apartment you buy.
Enjoy life. Right now!
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