Park Bayıl - premium class residential complex

A new premium class residential complex “Park Bayıl” is being built using new technologies in one of the best places in Baku on Bayil.

Despite the fact that the complex is located just a kilometer from Icherisheher and is an integral part of the city, “Park Bayıl” is located in a quiet and peaceful place, where the noise of the city does not reach.

General information

The premium class residential complex 'Park Bayıl' is located on Gurban Abbasov street. The cool, sea breeze blowing from the shore creates the feeling of a country resort. Almost all floors of the complex offer a view of the Baku Bay, as well as the Bayil Park, Nagorny Park and Flame Towers. 12-storey, 2-block premium class residential complex has a convenient location close to the main highway of the city.

Who is building?

The Fortis construction company is distinguished by its innovative projects, the use of European technologies, as well as the construction of buildings with a unique architectural tradition in Baku. During its existence, the company has shown itself as a reliable partner. The company is distinguished by competent business management, as well as timely delivery of projects and the use of modern construction solutions and new production technologies. The company's projects include Fortis Residence in the White City, Ancora Residence and other objects.

How is it built?

The buildings are constructed from monolithic concrete. In premium class apartments, windows will be installed according to the REHAU BRILLIANT - Design system. Thanks to high-quality, two-chamber, transparent windows, the use of electricity is optimized in the apartment. Wide and high-speed Shindler lifts are installed from the garage to the 12th floor. The entrance doors for the apartments will be installed from the company of the leader in this field, Medvedev & Co. The doors are certified and equipped with a heating system, have the fourth degree of earthquake resistance and 42 DB sound insulation. At the same time, the manufacturer provides an exclusive design for this project.


The complex is located in a convenient location for transport. From the city center to the complex can be reached in 7 minutes by car. Buses operate from the bus stop to anywhere in the city.


The complex has a two-story parking lot for 74 cars with direct access to the elevator and a car wash, as well as a commercial area. The complex will also be equipped with a water purification system, automatic control of engineering equipment, a full range of telecommunication systems and a round-the-clock concierge service. The complex is equipped with a security system, as well as security and 24/7 video surveillance system. The building houses a gym, a spa area only for residents of the complex, and a children's playground.


The complex sells 2,3 and 4-room apartments from 73 m². And up to 150 m². The complex provides 6 exclusive penthouses with balconies around the perimeter of the building. All apartments with high ceilings and free planning. You can see the layout of the apartments on the links below.

2 room - 72.9 m²
2 room - 73.7 m²
2 room - 85.5 m²
3 room - 136 m²
4 room - 146.3 m²
4 room - 149.7 m²


In the residential complex “Park Bayıl” the price is for 1 m². Starts from 2.400 manats. Discounts may apply at 100% payment. Apartments can be purchased with an interest-free loan, for up to 9 months, with a 50% down payment. To purchase an apartment on credit, it is enough to provide an identity card. For more information contact the sales office.

“Park Bayıl” satış ofisi
Tel: +994 50 491-22-26
Tel: +994 12 491-22-26
Email: [email protected]
Ünvan: Qurban Abbasov küç. 29,
             Bayıl Plazanın 5-ci mərtəbəsi.

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