Park Cıdır - Premium Residential Complex

Residential complex 'Park Cıdır' is one of the most promising projects in terms of investment. This complex is also a very attractive option for tenant investors due to its developed infrastructure, good location and the presence of many embassies and consulates nearby.

General information

 Residential complex 'Park Cıdır'  is a 14-storey building in the Narimanov district of the capital, at 50 Ibrahimpashi Dadashov Street, one kilometer from the Ganjlik metro station and Ganjlik Mall, with a unique view of the State Hippodrome. The project provides 6 premium apartments on each floor, for a total of 87 apartments in the residential complex.


Who is building?

Construction work is carried out by 'AZENNE CONSTRUCTION' LLC with the approval of the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Baku City Executive Power.

How is it built?

The building is constructed from monolithic concrete. In construction, Russian-made fittings A500C are used. The apartments will be equipped with izo-system energy-saving windows. The blocks will be completely renovated with marble and wallpaper. Large and fast German-made Schindler elevators will rise from the garage to the 14th floor. The seismic resistance of the building is 8 points.

Transport connection

The complex is located in a very convenient location in terms of transport links. It is 5 minutes by car and 15-20 minutes on foot from Ganjlik and Azadig metro stations. There are public transport routes nearby, from which you can reach all parts of the city.



The complex has a one-storey underground parking for 30 parking spaces and a 3-storey commercial plot of 1500 sq. The complex is equipped with a modern security system, including security and 24-hour video surveillance services. For the convenience of residents, the complex has a recreation area, children's playgrounds, a kindergarten. High-speed Internet and telecommunication lines will be laid. The building is equipped with a combined heating system and is supplied with gas.


The complex sells 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments from 68 to 230 sq.m. There will be no attic apartments. The height of the apartments is 3.35 m. Each apartment will have its own balcony. Rooms can be freely planned. The monthly utility bill will be AZN 0.50 per square meter. The houses are not renovated. Fully renovated apartments will be available according to the personal preferences of the future owners. An extract will be submitted based on a formal contract as soon as the building is ready. You can view the plans of the apartments by clicking on the following links:

2 room - 67.7 m2
2 room - 87.4 m2
3 room - 114.8 m2
3 room - 200.8 m2
4 room - 229.6 m2


The cost of 1 m² in the 'Park Cidir' residential complex starts from 1550 manats. Discounts are subject to 100% payment. Apartments can be purchased with an interest-free internal loan for up to 12 months with an initial payment of 10% of the total cost of the apartment. All you need to do in order to get an apartment on credit is to present your ID. Contact the sales office for more information.

Investment attractiveness

Park Cidir is one of the most promising projects on the market in terms of profitability. It is also a very attractive option for tenant investors in terms of developed infrastructure, location and availability of embassies nearby. Small apartments (2 rooms) can be rented for at least 500 manats per month.



The complex is being built in one of the most elite places in the city, not far from the State Hippodrome. Near the complex are Ataturk Park, 4 schools, Ganjlik shopping center, diplomatic missions.

Sales office

The sales office is located on the left side of the building and is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00.
Contact phone: +994 50 241 11 12
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