Planning and the right approach to the process of real estate renovation

Renovating an apartment is a complex and time-consuming process, in which many factors and stages must be taken into account

"The repair does not end, but only stops". For people whose profession is not related to repair and construction, this process is complex, time-consuming and stressful. Everyone in the country complains about the quality of the materials, the lack of craftsmen and the bad taste. But when repairing, they turn to the masters not through specialized, professional companies in this field, but through friends and acquaintances, and in the end, they still remain dissatisfied.
To answer existing questions in this area and find the cause of dissatisfaction, we interviewed a representative of Moving House, a relatively new, but already existing company in the market.
Remart Group: Can you provide general information about your company?
Moving House: Our company has been operating in the market since 2016. During this time, we have built and renovated the real estate of hundreds of our compatriots in the capital and the regions. Since July last year, our company has received a state license for the construction of large facilities that require a construction permit.
Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality design and repair services that meet modern requirements, so as not to waste time and nerves.
RG: What makes you different when there are so many repair and construction companies on the market? Why should people choose you?
MH: As for our advantages, we can say that we directly cooperate with manufacturers of goods and materials, and as a result, we save up to 30% for the customer. We have formed a health and business team, we work only with professional craftsmen. Our team has a quality control group, and we guarantee our work. The upcoming work and the estimated cost are clearly agreed upon in advance of the contract. In short, if you work with us, you will not know that it is a waste of time and stress.
RG: Let's get to the main question. Why are our people dissatisfied with the repairs? What is the reason for the lack of professionalism of designers and craftsmen, the wrong layout of apartments when they are already built, the limited choice of materials or other issues that we do not know about? Or are our people's expectations unrealistic?
MN: There is more than one reason, as usual. In addition to the reasons you mentioned, you can also point out that our people in many cases do not plan their work correctly, do not calculate the budget correctly. Repairs have traditionally been a business in our country, based on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances.  There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants their home to be comfortable and cozy, and, of course, does not dare to entrust this task to random, outsiders. Friends also usually recommend a master in any field. As a result, the owner of the house communicates with different masters, meets their needs, so to speak, plays with each of them individually. Then he runs after each material, because even if a friend recommended this master, no one can be trusted, and so on. In the end, he is not happy with the work done.
Repairs are difficult to work. It is impossible to do it spontaneously. When some issues are not resolved in time, it is difficult or impossible to change them later. For example, if it is possible to easily hide the air conditioner pipes without blocking the walls and floor, then after these works you should conduct them on the exterior. You can still punch through a fresh wall and lay pipes, but it's too late to dismantle the floor.
RG: What would you advise those who are planning to make repairs in the apartment: where to start? Is it worth the risk or is it better to entrust the work to companies?
MN: In any case, you need to start with the repair project. Write down your wishes in advance! At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of design and repair projects. Design more about the visual part: what the repair result will look like. And the repair project contains a list, scope and specifics of the work performed. We always recommend that you make at least one project of work before designing. Your work will be easier if you plan to make repairs yourself. If you work with a repair company, this will give you the opportunity to set them the right task, and then get a report on the corresponding work performed.
RG: Which materials should I prefer?
MH: These options depend on the target before the repair begins. If you need a good and durable repair, you should focus on comfort and even premium materials, and not on the economy segment. For example, linoleum is a thing of the past, the market is dominated by parquet and laminate. Someone likes stoneware. Finding traditional wallpaper is becoming increasingly difficult because you can find better quality wallpaper made of non-woven material at an affordable price. The trend is a wallpaper that can be painted. By the way, a very good option: it saves time and looks beautiful.
The first places in the repair of ceilings are occupied by drywall structures and stretch ceilings.
RG: If you do the repairs yourself, the process may take a year or even more. How long does it take you to repair?
MN: The duration of the repair depends on the complexity of the project. But, based on our own work processes, we can say that we offer the optimal timing. In each specific case, the issues related to the repair period are reflected in the contract. A clear definition of the terms in the contract implies a significant financial responsibility to the client. We believe this is the most correct way.
If we talk about standard apartments, then for studios and one-room apartments, repairs take at least 60, and for four-room apartments up to a maximum of 90 working days.
RG: Do you always need a design project? How can the client correctly create a task for a design project? Is it worth deciding on the colour scheme in advance, showing ready-made solutions, or is the process completely different?
MH: You don't always need a design project. Designers often charge a lot of money for this. At the same time, the customer already has a clear idea of what he wants. It is enough to give a small hint. If no major repairs are planned, the repair project will be sufficient. The project specifies a list of materials that will be used, and this is enough. To simplify the process, we suggest you choose the most liked design images from the Internet. When drawing up a repair project, the designer of our company makes suggestions for the implementation of certain plans, the selection of materials. One of the main issues is the correct layout of the furniture. Our designer also provides assistance in this matter.
RG: What's in fashion now? What questions do customers ask you the most?
MH: Modern style is in fashion now, and we often encounter minimalism. This is understandable: buyers want to use every square meter efficiently. There are more and more people who prefer the LOFT style. Sometimes there are even people who want the brick painted white. By the way, it looks very good.
RG: How can the client understand how much he will spend on repairs, that is, how the budget is calculated?
MH: If we talk about the approximate price, we can look at those projects that have already been implemented in our portfolio. If you need an exact price, you can determine it immediately after drawing up the repair project. By this time, all the work, materials and other nuances that may affect the final price will be clear. In the contract, we also clearly define the amount and do not go beyond it, as far as possible.
Moving House
Тел .: +99450 333 11 43
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