Smart home

Ensure the comfort and safety of living with the "Smart Home" system

What is a smart home?
The smart home usually refers to the synchronization of devices and sensor systems in an apartment, villa, building, or other residential or commercial real estates.
The system allows you to ensure the economical use of energy resources, the possibility of a safe and comfortable stay for the residents of the house.
To use this technology, you will need wireless internet and a smartphone.
Simply flashing devices, timers, or TV remote controls are not considered smart devices. The smart device is activated by a special application via a wireless connection.
The concept of a smart home includes the following elements:
  • Control systems (control of audio and video equipment, electrical equipment, Opening and closing doors, garages);
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (control of heaters, air conditioners, temperature control);
  • Lighting systems (turning on and off lights in rooms, motion detectors, etc.);
  • Intelligent systems (power supply to the building, card system, control of barriers);
  • Security and monitoring system (video surveillance, access control, identification of residents by fingerprints or other biometric methods, remote control of systems, etc.)
The price of the system is formed depending on the desired functions. Installing a simple system will be quite cheap. However, the installation of a multifunctional system may require expensive equipment and additional work, which will certainly affect the final price. Regardless of the choice, it should be borne in mind that the system design is developed first and is usually installed during the repair process.
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Smart Home Security System
A smart home is more effective in preventing theft. With the help of motion detectors, magnetic sensors placed on doors and windows, the house is completely controlled, and an imitation of the presence of residents in the house is created.
With the help of pre-installed scenarios, when there is an outside intervention in the house, the lights, music, and TV are turned on.
Thanks to the automatic control of blinds and light in houses at different times of day, using the system, you can create an image of the presence of the inhabitants of the house.
Smart home for disabled and elderly people
A smart home is simply a source of additional comfort and convenience for ordinary people. And for the disabled and the elderly, the use of this technology creates great opportunities for an independent lifestyle that does not depend on anyone. For example:
  • Blind and visually impaired people can control devices in the house by voice, adjust the temperature;
  • People with disabilities can control the devices to which they are usually not able to obtain access, through the mobile application through this system;
  • Security systems can be useful for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. A deaf person may not hear a classic security alarm. But an intelligent system can solve this problem: visual signals can be sent to the user's phone as soon as suspicious activity is observed in the house;
  • With the help of this technology, it is possible to monitor the daily activities of foster children and the elderly.
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